Submission Guidelines

Interested in writing for Approach, Mech or Sea & Shore Magazine?

Please use the following guidelines when submitting articles.

1. If you have already written your article and are familiar with our magazines, simply e-mail it to one of the email addresses below:

Sea & Shore:

2. If you aren’t familiar with our magazines, here’s more detailed information:

Send your article in Microsoft Word document format.
FONT: Courier New
SPACING: Double spaced (1 space after period)
FONT SIZE: 11 points
NECESSARY INFO: Include a proposed headline, the full byline of the author (rank, first, and last name), and the unit the author is with.


Short story: 800-1,500 words
Feature story: 2,500-3000 words
News briefs: 500 words

* The word count is meant to be used as a reference point for the length of a story or news brief.


We ask that writers research reference materials (such as manuals and books) used in their articles. Please verify your sources before attributing quotes to them. If you need us to perform additional fact-checking, please make a note of it when submitting your article.

For photos use the following guidelines:

All photos must be high resolution (300 dpi) in JPEG or JPG format. Photos submitted in a word document or PDF will lose it’s quality, therefore we prefer the raw file. Be sure to include the photographers full name, rank and service. If you have an image larger than 10MB, email us first for an alternate submission process.

3. When you email your article, please use the author’s name as the filename.

Our surveys consistently show that readers like articles written by their peers, and they like to read about true-life events and experiences. Your effort keeps others from having to learn the hard way. Therefore we want your letters, feedback, and comments.

We want honest appraisals and realistic solutions. Our staff is always open to new ideas, so don’t be afraid to try something different. We also want your input. Send your letters, opinions, viewpoints, and comments to

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