Summer: Recreation and Off-Duty Safety


Summer-Mishaps In 2016, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 11 Sailors lost their lives – one life lost is one too many.

Looking at summer data, the Naval Safety Center found it shows the summer season is more dangerous than the spring, fall and winter seasons.

While analyzing the summer mishap categories, the Safety Center looked at the top five injury producing activities and broke out the category “Other.”

Of these sub-categories, vehicle maintenance accounted for the majority of service member injuries in the fiscal year 2014-2016 “Other” data set.

Vehicle maintenance injuries included radiators spraying hot water, a jack slipping or vehicle falling off a jack while changing tires, jumper cables being incorrectly connected, and physically moving vehicles; not under the vehicle’s own power.


Injuries from falls occurred on wet surfaces, out of barracks windows, off of objects, from passing out, from straining one’s back, free falling into swimming spots, and from being intoxicated.

While performing home maintenance, members were injured while using circular saws, electric drills, nails, pressure washers, and chop saws.

Personnel were also injured by being struck by objects such as bottles, metal frames, band restraints, and from golf carts tipping over.

The Naval Safety Center summer safety presentation can be downloaded from the following link:

This brief is full of valuable information for you and your command and we remind you to have a safe and fun summer season.


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